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Brief Published: 5 Sep 2016

ShopWithMe: Responsive Pop-Up Store Space


US concept ShopWithMe is devised as an affordable solution for brands looking to excite consumers with interactive design and glimpses of personalisation. The portable, tech-enhanced pop-up store is reflective of the shift towards Downsized Retail Destinations and omni-focused Smart Stores.

Comprised of four self-contained units connected by a 43ft bridge, the 3,000 sq ft mobile structure allows brands to temporarily inhabit a technologically advanced space. Short-term leases start from 60 days.

Designed to be mass-produced for use anywhere, the space is something of a blank canvas, with white interior walls, pine wood flooring, RFID-embedded movable fixtures and repositionable lighting. Brands can integrate data points like inventory or digital visual content via computer systems, but need to transport physical displays and product to the pop-up location.

Key features include:

  • Pixel Wall & Smart Shelves: At 35ft in height, the wall is crafted from 900 screens looping computer-programmed lighting effects and high-res brand visuals. The shelving has a ‘robotic technology’ backbone, allowing each screen to move independently. Since all products and fixtures include beacon-connected RFID tags, when shoppers approach the wall with a product, the smart shelves move towards them, displaying relevant product information such as other sizes or colours.

    Most shoppers use the accompanying ShopWithMe app, as it makes the whole experience more intuitive and fun. It allows users to see the brand’s entire in-store and online inventory combined, and ‘like’ the items they love. When passing the wall, the app sends information to the shelves via beacon technology, triggering the shelves where the ‘liked’ products are displayed to move towards the shopper.
  • Smart Fitting Rooms: Shoppers using the app can also fill their dressing room remotely by scanning items in the store with their mobile devices. Sales assistants deliver the items to the changing room, and the user is alerted when it’s ready. RFID tags in the clothing trigger interactive product information that is displayed on the smart mirror – enabling shoppers to request new sizes and colours. The mirror also suggests items that match the shopper’s selections. See also Future-Facing Fitting Rooms
  • Payments & Express Checkouts: While able to buy items at standard till points and self-checkout stations, customers can also pay via the app by tapping their phones on an express checkout kiosk as they exit. The kiosk detects and groups physical items as well as those bought online into one electronic shopping basket, paying via pre-saved credit card details (see also Sephora’s Micro Flash Omni-Store). It then emails a receipt, eliminating the need for queuing.
  • Content-Rich Interactive Tables: Just as tech-savvy are the kinetic ReacTables, which brands can programme according to their online inventories. Shoppers can place an item on the glass top and instantly receive a light-up product description, plus size and colour availability.
  • Targeted Sonic Experiences: The use of RFID tags on both products and fixtures means that brands can also deliver sonic experiences to individual shoppers. Picking up an item can trigger a sound or instruction relating to a specific item or area of the store.