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Brief Published: 9 Oct 2018

Supercharge Your Shower: Skinjay’s Nespresso-Style Capsules


New shower innovations offer spa-like experiences, responding to consumers’ demands for more from their at-home cleansing rituals. French start-up Skinjay’s new range blurs the boundaries between wellness and personal care by harnessing the power of aromatherapy with the aim of alleviating tension.   

The luxury brand has upgraded the act of washing by introducing an interchangeable and colourful diffuser system for the shower. The easy-to-install device goes between the shower mixer and the hose, with the capsule then inserted into the device itself. A mixture of water and essential oils is then expressed from the showerhead, with the hot water and steam creating a mist-like effect.  

Skinjay’s new spa-inspired capsule range, called Mission, focuses on scent and its influence on emotions. The four-piece collection uses different notes to alter the user’s state of mind in various ways. For example, the Bedtime capsule is aimed at those who are looking to unwind. It claims to reduce stress and anxiety levels as neroli, green mandarin and ylang ylang are released from the capsule.  

This innovative product feeds into the growing trend of using aromatherapy to improve consumers’ mental states. It provides a new way for people to physically and mentally prepare for the day ahead. To read more about these rituals, see our report Serving the Self-Care Generation.

With each of Skinjay’s capsules creating a distinct olfactory experience, consumers are encouraged to experiment with the different scents available, choosing one that matches their mood. For more on this idea, take a look at our blog posts The Rise of Fragrance Wardrobes and Lush’s Spa-Inspired Range Makes Mood Magic

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