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Report Published: 20 Feb 2017

Stylus' infographic reveals the consumer insights that matter in 2017, filtered by age, values and lifestyle.

Who are the Savvy Midults? What drives the Playful Escapists? And how will you reach Consumers in Chaos?

In a volatile world, insight is your secret weapon. The Stylus Consumer Zodiac offers consumer intelligence on speed dial, enabling you to fast-track your understanding of how people are changing.

Our latest infographic reveals the insights that matter in 2017, filtered by age, values and lifestyle. Each angle offers a different perspective on why attitudes, behaviours and contexts are shifting. Together, they create a wheel of 10 drivers that will change the commercial landscape.

We will continue to expand on each of these segments in our reporting over the coming year.

– Hayley Ard, Head of Consumer Lifestyle

Email us your thoughts and feedback at consumertrends@stylus.com.

Boomers are set to change the consumer landscape through their purchasing power, ravenous appetite for experiences and positive approach to ageing. We reveal new opportunities to reach this influential demographic.

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Savvy, sceptical and self-reliant, Gen X are reinventing their identity. We single out key attitudes and behaviour shifts, and show brands how to tap into the influence and spending power of this group.

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Across the globe, a rapidly growing segment of middle-class millennial Muslim consumers – Gen M – are driving demand for products and services that reflect both their faith and modernity. We highlight the opportunities ahead.

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Goal-oriented and influential, outgoing overachievers are striving for success and relishing opportunities to prove their worth. We examine this group's evolving attitudes and reveal the brand tactics and products capturing their attention – from recommendation-sharing apps and motivational squads, to tools that gamify networking.

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Playful escapists are seeking out new forms of fun as an antidote to today's pressurised world. We look at how their approaches to leisure are shifting, highlighting the emerging tribes of nostalgia hunters and make believers.

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More people are prioritising housebound pursuits, delighting in the joy of missing out and enhancing their homes with DIY projects. The trend is manifesting globally, with cultural influences including Scandinavian philosophy hygge and Chinese subculture zhai.

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Nature embracers are seeking calm through indoor gardening, plant-inspired Instagram accounts and urban tree climbing. Smart brands are responding with horticultural lessons, products for streamlined plant care and furniture that merges indoor and outdoor living space.

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Building on insights from our Modern Dating report, we track the influential groups tackling romance in surprising ways and reveal products, apps and services catering to new rites of passage.

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Restricted budgets, schedules and space are leading to a multipurpose approach to living. As they seek flexibility in all aspects of their lives, consumers are blurring the lines between work, travel, social and family life – opening up exciting new opportunities for brands.

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The status quo is in a spin. Audiences are not just fragmenting: they're flip-flopping between identities, multiplying their selves and revolving through changing core beliefs. Here we explore how and why consumers are becoming more erratic, and what brands should do about it.

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  • HIVE MENTALITY: A new era of distrust propels people towards community, collectivism and advocacy. Gen Z, in particular, welcome collaborations with the crowd, creating a culture of fusion.
  • THE PURPOSE COLLECTIVE: Consumers step up their search for meaning and direction – whether by committing to small, frequent acts of purpose or rising to a higher mission.
  • INVISIBLE AFFLUENTS: The ultra-rich reclaim secrecy and silence as marks of exclusivity. Find them hibernating in super-basements, living behind the gates or going off-plan.
  • SELF-ACCELERATORS: 'Better off' is rooted in exploration and self-development, rather than the wellness focus we saw last year.
  • RENEGADE FEMINISM: Women worldwide are giving feminism a fierce, fearless and thoroughly modern upgrade. They band together in work, play and protest to uplift each other in a powerful – and profitable – cultural movement.
  • FLYING SOLO: Alone time, self-discovery and living apart together become more desirable than settling down.
  • MATURE MOVERS: Citizens of an ageless society hotfoot their way to healthier later lives, taking up extreme sports and marathons in their twilight years.
  • THE ESCAPISM ECONOMY: Escapism gains popularity as an antidote to accelerated living. Self-soothing is the new self-care.
  • PARENT NETWORKS: The fastest-growing social networks focus on helping parents build connections. Peanut is an early example.
  • HEALTHY HEADQUARTERS: By 2020, the workplace wellness sector will be worth $55.1bn globally, up from $43.3bn in 2015 (Global Wellness Institute, 2017). This year, expect to see more creative solutions to combat the burnout epidemic.

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