Weekly Thought-Starter #018: Make-Up Projections 2019

Date:Monday, March 25, 2019
Author:Charlie Gilbert

What do video game characters, junk food and Rihanna have in common?

Well, they’re all driving new product development in the make-up world, in what promises to be a particularly transformative year for the beauty industry.

Take Mac Cosmetics, for example, which has enjoyed record sales in China after launching a lipstick collection based on mobile game Honour of Kings; or London-based nail brand Ciaté’s new Jessica Rabbit-inspired make-up line.

“The success of these launches is underpinned by a growing consumer desire to align with their favourite fantasy characters and their sensibilities,” says Lisa Payne, our Beauty senior editor. “Giving fans a way to further engage with what sparks joy for them is a very powerful tool that make-up brands are harnessing effectively in 2019.”

Where, exactly, does junk food fit in? Well, one relatively unknown indie beauty brand in the US has created a circular pan designed to look like a pizza.

Glamlite Cosmetics’ Pizza Palette – which precedes its soon-to-be-launched Viva Taco palette – features shadows representing different toppings like black olives and mushrooms.

As for Rihanna, well, back in 2017 the pop icon released 40 foundation shades that spurred global beauty brands to become more inclusive with their shade offerings.

But they’re not expanding unnecessarily. Instead, shrewd brands are focusing their new product development on core lines tested on a range of skin tones, and that suit all complexions.

“As the make-up world becomes more saturated with unnavigable complexion colours, the cleverer launches are targeting tone and taking out the guess work,” Lisa adds. “Why pick from a 60+ range of shades when you can pick from a range of 10 with the guarantee they will all work for you?”

Intrigued? We explore these themes in far more detail in Make-Up Projections 2019. You’ll need to be a Stylus member to read it, but we think that’s absolutely worth it.

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