Weekly Thought-Starter #030: The Green, Clean Man

Date:Monday, June 24, 2019
Author:Charlie Gilbert

We’ve reported extensively on how definitions of masculinity are changing, and how brands are responding by talking about issues like mental health or embracing the rise of gender neutrality.

Nowhere is this clearer than the beauty industry, where men’s products are borrowing from the women’s market. Weekly rituals such as face masks are now as much in the male domain as the female.

But these ‘enlightened’ men aren’t just becoming cleaner. Thanks to the Blue Planet effect, they’re becoming greener, too. They care as much about the future of the planet as they do the progressive future of their gender.

“These next-gen ‘enlightened’ males are really tapping into the growing wellness movement,” says Disha Daswaney, our Beauty researcher. “They’re demanding products that don’t just make them look and feel amazing, but use high-quality, ethical ingredients. These men are also helping to shatter stereotypes by being open and honest about how they feel.”

We explore this trend further in The Green, Clean Man, our latest Beauty report. It gets to the bottom of shifting attitudes – like the growing numbers of men who believe in the importance of natural and organic skincare ingredients – as well as highlighting the products driving this trend.

“This new era of clean, male beauty started with indie brands touting these values on their Instagram feeds. This is when their authentic brand stories came to life in the eyes of consumers,” Disha adds.

“It created a safe haven for men online to openly speak about their desires within this growing category. For example, with the Lost Explorer there is a sense of adventure throughout their feed that ties together this active community. They learn about the products they will need to embark on this journey. But instead of overly marketing the actual products, inspirational quotes are peppered throughout to get people to start speaking about their love of nature.”

Developments like this – and the attitudes underpinning them – show that the role of modern men in society is changing. Will your business be part of this change?

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