Tomorrow’s flagship store

Determining how future retail space can capture Gen Z and Gen Alpha

Company: A global womenswear retail brand
Industry: Retail


“Our brand is standing on the brink of rapid global expansion and we need to know how to develop our future flagship stores across six different markets to capture the custom and loyalty of Gen Z teens of today – and the Gen Alpha teens of the 2020s.”


Drawing upon the knowledge and expertise of our strategists and Stylus’ in-house retail trend tracking, we designed a bespoke research programme, combined with insights from a network of category experts, to:

  • Identify and explore the most influential and exciting new consumer lifestyle trends in retail culture, environments and technology across all six target markets
  • Break down our research findings into core areas of focus for each of our client’s business units
  • Deliver an at-a-glance overview of how teen consumer needs and desires were shifting in each of their target markets
  • Define an 11-point checklist of business-critical future transformations they will need to make across flagship store architecture, infrastructure, technology and visual marketing


Our client described our work as “deeply informative, fascinating and direct”. They used it to shape the strategic planning and positioning of new flagship stores in their prospective markets – and they commissioned Stylus Advisory to execute two further consumer insight projects to support their global expansion.