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Published: 5 Jul 2016

Lilac: Tanning Support in Bar Form

Lilac Tanning Support Syndet Bar

Targeting sensitive skin with its range of soap-free syndet (synthetic detergent) bars, Belgian skincare brand Lilac has created a tanning support cleanser designed to encourage a faster and longer tan.

Boasting active ingredients that promote a faster tan by targeting melanocytes – melanin-forming cells that produce skin pigmentation – the bar also prolongs tans using a moisturising blend of calendula, aloe vera and almond oil, which acts as an after-sun treatment. Catering to demanding, time-poor consumers (see Rethinking Beauty: Fast Consumption), ­­this multitasking cleanser and tanning aid is the latest in a line of innovative suncare products. See also Dr. Skin’s Drinkable Suncare and CES 2016: L’Oréal’s UV Skin Patch.

Seen at Alternative Fragrance & Beauty 2016, Lilac’s wider range – which tackles niche skincare concerns such as sebum control, anti ageing and reparation of post-surgery skin – is colour- and paraben-free, with pH-neutral formulas designed to keep sensitive skin fresh and hydrated. To read about another range tackling skin sensitivity, see Sönd: Sensitive Skincare with Silica.

With classic, embossed soap bars and simple labelling, Lilac favours a transparent approach to skincare. For more on retaining honesty and authenticity in the beauty industry, see Transparent Beauty: Valuing Best Practice.

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