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Published: 27 Jul 2017

Ohio Retail Summit 2017: Preview


Diverse in its discussions, the rise of exploration-based brand experiences, new payment innovations and agile supply chains look set to spark key discussions at the Retail Summit in Columbus, Ohio on August 9-10. We preview some of the most eagerly anticipated sessions.

  • Algorithms & AI – Redefining the Consumer Journey: Jacques Panis, president of US watch, bicycle and accessories brand Shinola, and Jude Reter, vice-president of digital customer experiences in e-commerce at US fast-fashion retailer Express, will discuss the evolution of algorithm-driven commerce dictated by a ‘tell me what’s good for me’ consumer mindset. Meanwhile, Klay Huddleston, senior vice-president of omni-commerce at IBM’s creative division, will discuss how cognitive computing and conversational commerce will radically reshape UX design and the consumer/sales associate relationship.

  • Serendipity & Sensory/Discovery-Based Brand Concepts: Alison Gough, Stylus’ senior US analyst, will dive into the most significant trends set to impact the retail landscape in 2017/18 and beyond – including experiences that complement algorithms to foster the critical thrill of serendipity. Alison Embrey Medina, editor-in-chief at Design:Retail magazine will chart influential stores that connect with customers on an emotional and sensorial level.

See also Retail Beyond the Algorithm, The Rise of the Exploratorium and Active Flagships: Experience Retail.

  • Supplying Speed and Agility: Among others, Tony Brown, vice-president of global logistics and distribution at US sports brand Under Armour, and Edward Kistner, senior vice-president of merchandising and allocation at US footwear brand DSW, will reveal how to implement more dynamic and even transitory supply chains to service a new era of ‘anywhere, anytime’ and trans-industry retail concepts.
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