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Food, Beverage & Hospitality
Published: 28 Aug 2015

Pantone’s Colour-Coded Café

The Pantone Café

International colour house Pantone has opened a pop-up café in Monaco, France that serves food corresponding to different pantone colours. Individual items were presented and packaged with branding that correlated to their ingredients and overall aesthetic.

The outpost serves a range of food and drinks such as cold-pressed juices like the Pantone 15-0543 – a mid-tone green that signifies an apple and cucumber juice, priced at 6 euros. The café also serves a range of sandwiches where Pantone 13-2804 – a light pink – represents a ham and butter sandwich, and Pantone 18-1660 – a deep red – is a tomato and mozzarella variety.

The café aims to highlight how the colour of food and drink affects our perception of taste. For more on this, see Colour-Coded Dining, Edible Hues and Tableware as Sensorial Stimuli.

For more on how sensory experiences are shaping our perceptions of taste, see British Airways’ Sensory Menu and Sonic Wine Bar. For the latest in plating and tableware trends, see Food Presentation Trends: Plating & Tableware.

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