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Brief Published: 11 May 2015

Gamified Promo: Reebok x Instagram

Reebok's 'Hunt for the Pump' Instagram game

To promote its new ZPump Fusion running shoes, German sports brand Reebok has gone direct to its social media fan base – launching an incentivised social gaming experience on its Instagram account. Dubbed Hunt for the Pump, the initiative invites users to navigate photos and find hidden shoes for a chance to win prizes (more trainers).

To access the account and begin playing (having been diverted to the campaign via a post on the brand's main @reebok Instagram page), users are required to follow @zpump_startingline – a dedicated account created especially for the campaign. Once there, users find a feed comprising a grid of photos that make up a larger image of a running landmark in the US city of San Francisco.

Within one of the squares is a hidden 'pump' ball icon; once located, users can click on the image to 'like' it, which generates a tag that can be clicked to lead them to a secondary Instagram account, @run_to_saturnsteps, showing the next city landmark and another hidden 'pump' icon. Once all the icons have been found (there are 17 in total), users click a link on the account page to be directed back to Reebok's e-commerce site – shrewdly connecting the social fun to the brand's commercial hub – to submit their personal details for a chance to win a pair of ZPump trainers. Meanwhile, a map on the page displays the route they have 'run' via the game.

The campaign highlights the ways in which smart brands are now leveraging the platform to reach its growing fan base of more than 300 million users. This is especially relevant for sportswear brands, which have some of the highest numbers of followers across the platform. These include US sports giant Nike, which occupies the top spot at 5.17 million followers, as well as German sports brand Adidas (3.9 million) and Reebok (315, 200 followers).

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