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Consumer Lifestyle
Published: 29 Sep 2014

Sensory Dance: Ring the Changes+

Ring the Changes+

UK design unit body>data>space has launched a new dance performance at London's Southbank Centre that uses interactive technology to visualise sound.

Ring the Changes+ – a collaboration between London-based deaf artist Chisato Minamimura, British digital designer Nick Rothwell and body>data>space – places a trio of dancers against a web of changing geometric shapes, created by live computer coding.

Rothwell converts the sounds of the dancers into algorithmic visuals by improvisation, enabling deaf and non-deaf audience members alike to 'see' sound. The dancers' footsteps, claps and yelps become pulsing barcodes and shuddering squares – creating a sense of synaesthesia (an intertwining of the senses).

The performance fuses raw emotion and primal sounds with stark mathematical forms, placing the dancers in a mixed reality where the real and the digital collide – a concept explored in more depth in Beyond Wearables, part of our Post-Digital Macro Trend. It hints at a future of sensory digital interactions, where flat technologies are layered with expressive force.

For more on how body>data>space is weaving the human body into the digital domain, see our profile of Ghislaine Boddington, the studio's creative director.