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Brief Published: 14 Nov 2014

Vattle: The Video Battle Platform

vattle.com screenshot

Launched this month, Vattle is a competition platform for talent battles. Users add their video to the site via YouTube and wait for a challenger to appear, or directly step up to others in categories ranging from the obvious – such as dancing or musical performances – to gaming skill and web-native memes like the Cinnamon Challenge. Once a challenge has been accepted, the two videos are posted as a pair and issued with a time window for the community to cast its vote.

Challenges, dare games and memes have populated video platforms since YouTube streamed its first in 2005 – including the Coke and Mentos Experiment, the Ghost Pepper Challenge, or the notorious ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. However, because likes and views are not a zero-sum game, the fun of direct competition has previously been missing from online video challenges.

As a debate category is also included, it's not all sneezing kittens and basketball trick shots; there is broad potential to find the most appreciated content across many areas and fuel engagement through competitive spirit.

Brands that play with consumers' internal conflicts could make use of this, like UK food spread Marmite's 'Love it or Hate it' approach, or the 'Cookie or Creme' conundrum of US biscuit brand Oreo. Finally, some age-old advertising conflicts might as well officially go head to head; legions of Coke and Pepsi drinkers, for example, could battle to be the best on behalf of their favourite sodas in the next chapter of the Cola Wars.

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