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Brief Updated: 30 Apr 2015

Smartwatch Groceries: Ocado’s Apple Watch App

The Apple Watch app screen

The release of the much-anticipated Apple Watch – which incorporates many of the functions of the tech giant’s iPhone – has seen a slew of purpose-built apps created for the wearable device. However, UK grocery e-tailer Ocado claims to have delivered the world’s first smartwatch grocery shopping app.

Created by Ocado Technology, the company division that develops and powers the e-tailer, the app connects to users’ e-commerce grocery accounts to provide a predicted shopping list and time slot based on previous orders and delivery times.

The app makes use of the Apple Watch’s in-built microphone to allow customers to make changes and add items to their orders. For example, by saying the word ‘milk’ into the watch, the app will bring up a selection of the milk products most frequently ordered by the consumer (brands, types and or sizes), which can then be confirmed via a few taps on the screen face.

While the predicted shopping list feature makes for speedy ordering, there is also the benefit of in-built tracking. Consumers can view the status of their order in real-time – playing to the strengths of the wearable tech, which is best used for viewing notifications and performing quick interactions.

Extending the experience, the Ocado app also uses Apple Watch’s ‘handoff’ feature, which allows customers to switch between their smartwatch and smartphone screens to see products in more detail.

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