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Food, Beverage & Hospitality
Published: 8 Nov 2017

Culinary Toolkit for Kids

Nico Eats

London's Royal College of Art graduate Florencia Sepulveda has designed a set of tools and an accompanying cookbook to encourage children to experiment with new ingredients and flavours.

The toolkit includes a flask-style shaker for easy mixing, a masher to prepare soft foods and a 'twister' for shredding leaves, garlic and herbs.

Alongside these practical utensils, the kit includes a lab-like collection of devices that help youngsters explore flavour using a range of senses. These include a funnel that can be used to hide edibles to enable a game of guessing by scent, a food kaleidoscope for playing with colour, and a stethoscope for listening to the sounds of chewing and digestion.

Sepulveda pursued this experimental concept to assist children in forming deeper connections with food from a young age and thereby developing heathier attitudes towards their diet.

This project forms part of a wider movement towards engaging children with nutrition, as also seen in Kitchenware for Kids and Tech-Inspired Children's Dining.

Meanwhile, New Food Roles and Rituals – part of our Kitchen of the Future Industry Trend – looks at the modern family's changing mindsets and behaviours in the kitchen.

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