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Consumer Lifestyle
Published: 11 Dec 2014

Wearable Projector

The Cicret bracelet is a concept for a new smart wearable with a built-in projector, capable of turning a wearer's arm into a touchscreen.

Conceived by French start-up Cicret, the bracelet houses a Pico projector alongside eight proximity sensors, which enable the device to sense and respond to a wearer's actions.

The bracelet is activated with the twist of a wrist, and enables users to play games, respond to emails and answer phone calls – without needing their phone. Cicret's makers are preparing to unveil a prototype device later this month.

The small screen size of many wearables limits their functionality – and their appeal for consumers. This is driving designers to develop new ways of extending screen size, including transforming the skin itself into a touch surface.

Earlier this year, researchers developed a system for projecting buttons onto a wearer's skin, in order to extend the interactive areas of a smartwatch.

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