The future of fitness

Harnessing the fitness lifestyles of Gen Z in the 2020s

Company: A US-based global footwear, apparel and streetwear brand
Industry: Fashion & Apparel


“Deliver a deeper understanding of which emerging consumer fitness trends should matter to us most – and how we can use them to win the hearts, minds and spend of Gen Z looking forward to 2025.”


Combining in-house knowledge, a tailored research programme and insights from cross-category experts and insiders, we created a visually stunning in-depth study, delivered as a Keynote presentation, to:

  • Explore the impact on the future fitness landscape of Gen Z mindsets and behaviours around wellness, sustainability and diversity
  • Showcase the cutting-edge gyms and workout environments redefining concepts from obstacle courses to on-demand fitness
  • Identify the technology breakthroughs driving fitness innovations in wearables and e-sports
  • Call out and unpack fitness trend implications for our client through actionable directions, key takeaways and thought-starters


Our work equipped our client with a comprehensive understanding of Gen Z’s understanding and expectations around the concept of fitness by providing a detailed picture of how, where, when and why this important target audience will exercise as this decade unfolds.

Using our trend insights and implications to help validate and expand their new brand vision, our client gained a new clarity around the relationship between Gen Z and fitness.

They are using this deep understanding of Gen Z fitness needs – and how innovative brands are rising to meet them – to inform their 2025 product development strategy.