Our Diversity & Inclusivity Commitment

17 December 2020

Since setting out Stylus’ commitment to Diversity and Inclusivity below, we have been working hard to put the points we have committed to into action. 

We now have an established internal Diversity & Inclusion Working Group who are responsible for championing diversity, inclusion and equity within Stylus by providing support, guidance and education to our employees. An audit of our policies and practices will be carried out in 2021 by an outside agency. This will inform our diversity, inclusion and equity strategy and give us some measurable benchmarks moving forward. In the meantime, we will all continue to educate ourselves through training programmes and awareness campaigns, led by the Diversity & Inclusion Working Group.

8 July 2020

The recent killings in the US at the hands of the police have shocked and moved us all, and reinforced the need for real, material and immediate change in how Black people are treated in all aspects of life. 

Stylus has always been an equal opportunities employer, and we are proud of the position our content has taken on the vital importance of diversity, inclusivity and representation across industries. But recent events have forced us to look hard at ourselves, and we recognise that we need to do better. As an employer, we have an important role to play in providing training, drawing attention to relevant educational resources, and driving workplace culture change. We know that real change cannot come about through tick-box exercises. As a small business with low staff turnover, this puts us at the start of a long-term commitment. Over the past few weeks, we have reported on internal and external strategies for companies to bring about structural change. We must also hold ourselves accountable to the demands of that mission.

Our senior leadership team are working with our Board to draw on their experience and understand what we can do better. They have committed to improving hiring practices and will be working with external organisations to ensure that we actively access a more diverse talent pool. We are vetting our partner organisations to ensure they are as committed to diversity and inclusion as we are, and we are setting budget aside for specific initiatives, such as bringing in external speakers as part of our commitment to better educating ourselves. 

To oversee our efforts, we have set up two internal groups: a Quality Assurance group that reviews our content; and a wider Diversity & Inclusion group, who have initiated an audit of our existing policies and practices, and will produce further recommendations that will form the Stylus ‘Roadmap for Change’. We recognise that this will not be a quick or easy journey, but it is one that we – and society as a whole – must embark upon.  

Only by working together and supporting each other, will we succeed in achieving meaningful change.

Marc Worth
Founder & CEO, Stylus