Critical insights inspiring positive change

Stylus Membership gives you access to our unique cross-industry trends intelligence. Trends intelligence that leading brands, businesses and agencies rely on to turn change into commercial success.

Whatever your sector, we believe you have to understand, navigate, and capitalise on change in order to survive, let alone thrive. We also believe you need to anticipate evolving consumers and shifting market landscapes and withstand wider environmental and/or technological transformations.

How? That’s where we come in.

What we do

We understand and predict change. Our trends intelligence can help you anticipate it, make sense of it, and act on it in the right way.

We rigorously identify, analyse and make sense of cultural shifts and cross-industry trends. Our experts specialise in spotting early evidence of disruptive change, and forecasting the must-know implications for industries, consumer groups and markets.

Crucially, we deliver our insights in actionable, easy-to-digest ways – through trend reports, presentations, webinars and podcasts. In doing so, our experts act as a valuable extension to your team, arming you with strategies for success at precisely the right time.

How we do it

Our proprietary six-stage process, honed over 10+ years, equips us to spot signals of change, determine their relevance, scrutinise them using data and real-world examples, name and frame them, publish them as tangible insights, and track their onward trajectories and impact.

Our cross-discipline team of experts are authorities in over 20 industries. They have a relentless curiosity for the new; there’s no team better equipped to spot and articulate influential trends and meaningful evolutions.

The insights we create are designed to be actionable, and simple to engage with. We understand that trends happen to, and are implemented by, real people.

What you get

Stylus members get full access to our trends intelligence reporting, which includes the 1,500 cross-industry trend reports, webinars, podcasts and videos we publish every year, plus our entire trends archive, and visibility on what we’re working on in advance.

Helping our 500+ members navigate this essential information is our experienced Client Services team. You’re assigned your own Client Services Manager – a trend expert in their own right – who will arm you with the insights you need for specific projects, in real time.

Beyond this comes access to our exclusive in-person and online events: our flagship trends intelligence summits and intimate trend briefings, and our suite of interactive virtual events. These give you the chance to meet other Stylus members and speak directly to our experts about the insights that will affect your work and your business in the future.

What we help you achieve

We support you at every level of your creative and strategic decision-making – from identifying new target demographics and developing new products to launching bold new ad campaigns.

When we say every level, we really mean it. On the one hand, our future-proofed insights give you entirely new ideas to act on – ideas that come from your industry and beyond, and which are already validated by our six-stage process. On the other, they can confirm your own thinking – giving you the confidence you need to act on your big ideas.

Our ultimate goal is the long-term sustainable success of your business. Testament to this is the number of members who’ve been with us since our inception. By virtue of their sustained achievements, they showcase the true value of Stylus membership.

Our experts

Their insights are used by some of the world’s leading brands to innovate in groundbreaking ways. Find out more about our experts’ credentials, where their passions lie, and how they can help your organisation.