New motivation for moving

A deep dive into the future of urban mobility

Company: A global automotive brand
Industry: Automotive


“How will our tech-savvy future customers move around the Smart City of the 2020s? How will they live, work and shop? And what does this mean for the future of our core product, the car?”


Executing a comprehensive exploration of key consumer trends around mobility and technology adoption and use, we delivered a far-reaching piece of tailored research as a visually rich Keynote presentation to:

  • Interrogate expectations and behaviours around adventure, experience and hyper-personalisation for key millennial target audiences
  • Identify new motivations for moving, from making memories to learning and self-improvement
  • Unpack innovative product, service and urban planning responses to new mobility behaviours
  • Forecast future lifestyle changes, and their brand implications, as the boundaries between entertainment, education and work continue to converge


Our work provided our client with a multi-purpose tool that was used repeatedly and over many months to inform long-term strategic thinking in multiple work streams across the wider business.

Our strategists presented to key stakeholders in product development, retail, marketing and communications. Each stakeholder disseminated our findings and actionable directions to their teams, where they are feeding into a 10-year strategic plan for the global business.