Tailored trends to future-proof
your business

Stylus Advisory enables our 500+ members to harness a powerful combination of trends intelligence and tailored research – to precisely meet their insight needs and commercial demands.

What we do

We show you how to apply Stylus’ trend thinking directly to your business – to tackle your biggest future challenges and seize tomorrow’s greatest opportunities. By combining our trends intelligence with powerful bespoke research, we help to address your most pressing strategic needs.

A wide range of questions from ‘What’s the most effective way to market to millennials?’ to ‘What does sustainability mean to our target consumers?’ can be interrogated by our strategists – and answered with actionable insights specific to your brand.

By aligning your deep understanding of your business with our deep understanding of the most influential emerging consumer trends, we provide an extra layer of knowledge and confidence to your future product development and marketing plans. We can also validate and stretch your existing thinking about the future.

How we do it

We apply a unique three-stage approach to projects. First, we collate everything our own cross-industry experts know about the macro drivers and consumer trends most relevant to your business.

Looking globally and taking you out of your silo to explore multiple categories, our research identifies and evidences the latest trend developments – and highlights the business innovators already addressing emerging consumer needs with new products and services.

Next, we combine insights from our network of industry insiders, commentators and analysts with analysis by our own strategists to define the implications of short, medium and long-term trend evolutions for your business. This process typically lasts six to eight weeks.

The end result is a robust, evidence-based independent vision of what the future holds for you – with a wealth of actionable insights that your teams can translate quickly into new future-proofing strategies.

Who does it

From trend directors and colour and materials specialists to semioticians and corporate strategists, our experts bring a wealth of industry experience from their respective disciplines. For them, cross-category trend thinking, the combining of global and market perspectives, and a relentless quest for the new and the next is second nature.

Crucially, our team knows how to translate complex ideas and concepts into accessible, brand-relevant insights that your team can action to realise your future business aims.

What we deliver

Our research is usually delivered as a highly visual deck, which captures our key findings and action points in everything from text explanations and expert quotes to graphs, maps and tables. Decks are presented, in person or online, by the lead project strategist.

We’re flexible in our deliverables because we understand that businesses like to receive and process new information in different ways. So we can, for example, unpack trends in facilitated workshops and discussions, bring them to life with safaris and interactive experiences, build trend frameworks with multiple deliveries over a calendar year, or create public and media-facing collateral.

Further, we’re able to practically express our insights within your business – by delivering specialist colour and materials forecasts to inspire the look and feel of future product ranges.

What we help clients to achieve

Our clients tell us that Stylus Advisory projects make them feel better prepared to face the future, and to understand and harness the forces of change that are so clearly gathering pace in this new decade.

We enable them to do this by showing them how their future consumers will live, and the products and services they’ll want to purchase to enjoy enriched, fulfilled lives. By collaborating with our Advisory team, your own business will receive the trend inspiration, information and analysis it needs to get a step ahead of the game – and stay there.

The reason all consumer-facing businesses need us right now is that we’ve never been in a position where everything is changing so much and so fast, and where the blending of consumer expectations, technologies and business models across and between industries is so great.

Dr Antonia Ward – Global Director of Advisory Services

Meet the team

Dr Antonia Ward

Global Director of Advisory Services

With over 15 years’ experience in trend consulting, research, design, brand strategy and journalism, Antonia directs Stylus Advisory, applying insight and expertise to clients’ challenges. Clients like Mattel, Volkswagen and Ferrero.

Former editor of design magazines FX and New Design, and managing editor at the Design Council, Antonia has given keynotes at conferences, run seminars and workshops and chaired judging panels internationally.

Antonia has an MA from the University of Liverpool and a PhD from the University of York.

Saisangeeth Daswani

Head of Advisory – Fashion, Beauty & APAC

Saisangeeth has experience translating future trends and applying them as solutions for marketing, retail, product and design strategies. She has worked across fashion, luxury and branding.

With experience in the US, Asia and Australia, Saisangeeth was previously a trend director at Stylesight and WGSN, where she worked with leading international brands to inspire and inform their creative endeavours through seasonal and trend forecasts.

Current and recent clients include Chanel, Disney, Gap and Unilever. Born in Hong Kong, she speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and French.

Sarah Mohsen

Advisory Strategy Manager

Harnessing 12 years of experience in trends research across beauty, fashion, food & beverage and technology, Sarah translates Stylus’ thinking into highly focused projects for our clients.

Estee Lauder, Anheuser Bush, Pepsi, Apple, Levi’s, McDonald’s, and Mastercard are just some of the Stylus clients who have learned to value Sarah’s great talent for designing bespoke research programmes that transform future strategic challenges into exciting, profitable opportunities.

Sarah’s energetic multi-tasking extends far beyond the office. She’s a skilled photographer, an avid English-as-a-second-language teacher, and a dedicated runner.

Steve Tooze

Advisory Consultant

Steve has spent 10 years as a global trend analyst and communicator. At Stylus, he specialises in working collaboratively with some of the world’s biggest brands. Specifically, to design tailored research projects that tackle their most important future opportunities and challenges.

Major businesses across multiple categories, ranging from the BBC and IHG to Nissan, Amazon and Lucozade Sport, have benefitted from his talent for discovering what they most need to know about the evolving trend landscape, and how that knowledge can be delivered as a Stylus Advisory project that lands with maximum impact.

A highly experienced national newspaper writer and editor, Steve spent three years at the head of a global trend insights department at The Future Laboratory, and lists scuba diving, rewilding, and volunteering with community organisations among his out-of-work interests.

Katherine Pegg

Head of Advisory Operations

With a keen eye for detail and an ability to simplify the most complex of processes, Katherine ensures that projects are delivered seamlessly, on time and on budget.

At Stylus, she has overseen the Advisory project production process for global brands including VW, Marriot, Warner Brothers and Starbucks, and worked across marketing to manage and develop innovation forums, brand breakfasts and a portfolio of 65 partnership events.

An expert skier and lover of adventure sports, Katherine has worked at Cotswold Outdoor, and with Salomon and Colombia. Away from the office, she is a coach and mentor to women in the creative industries.

Nia Pejsak

Advisory Strategist

Nia is a passionate marketing specialist and brand strategist – with more than 12 years of industry experience with global brands such as Mulberry, Arcadia and Net-a-Porter.

A wealth of insider knowledge covering luxury, high street and fast fashion – combined with an MSc in Applied Psychology at London College of Fashion – equip Nia to deliver original, world-class analysis on everything from beauty and wellness to hospitality and automotive in her work with Stylus.

As international marketing manager at a time of rapid growth at Mulberry, she researched and advised on strategic entry-marketing plans for new markets, while balancing the need for consistent brand image in mature economies.

As marketing manager at Lacoste and Dorothy Perkins, Nia used her communication skills to create hugely successful product and media promotional campaigns and events, and to lecture on BA fashion marketing courses at London College of Fashion and at The Fashion Institute in Sydney.

Nia spent three years living in Sydney, where she was group marketing manager for Australian apparel and retail giant Mink Pink Group. Here, she oversaw the worldwide marketing strategies of eight in-house brands with retail partners that included ASOS, Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom.

Raised in Wales, Nia speaks fluent Welsh and is a keen wild swimmer. She uses her talents as a qualified yoga instructor to teach weekly classes, and to bring practical insights to advising global brands on their yoga and fitness marketing strategies.

Ima Shah

Advisory Strategist

Ima has worked on four continents in a 20-year career that has covered graphic and product design, trends consultancy and picture editing for leading fashion and sportswear brands.

At Stylus, she uses that wealth of industry experience to give our clients an insider’s understanding of what trends matter to them – and why.

With an instinct for looking across multiple categories and regions to pinpoint the next big client opportunity, Ima works with businesses in food & beverage, technology & telecommunications, sport, fashion and automotive. She has worked with clients including Nissan, Hyundai and Telstra and has had her insights described by a senior global executive as ‘the most inspiring trend analysis I have ever seen’.

A former senior footwear designer at Lacoste, footwear and accessories editor at WGSN, and trend manager at, Ima has also delivered in-depth seasonal trend insights as a trends consultant with Amazon.

Ima spent five years living in Germany, where her role as a colour and graphics designer for Adidas saw her working across Europe, the USA, and in Vietnam, Thailand and China, developing a deep understanding of the application of trends across vastly differing cultures and demographics.

Presenting is one of her passions, with Ima having been a keynote speaker at Pure, the UK’s largest gathering of fashion buyers, and Minas Fashion Week in Brazil. Born and raised in Stratford, east London, Ima studied at Central Saint Martins and London College of Communication. She spends her spare time investigating inclusive societies and building a formidable personal wardrobe.

Rachel Lee

Senior Researcher

Rachel – fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin – brings a truly global personal perspective to her hunt for game-changing trend insights for Stylus clients ranging from Levi’s to L'Oréal.

Born in Hong Kong, schooled in Chicago, and an MA graduate from London College of Communications, she instinctively understands how to uncover the latest products, influencers, memes and movements shaping new consumer behaviours.

Her Chinese name translates as ‘It’s good weather every day.’

Isabel Nascimento

Senior Researcher

Naturally inquisitive, visual and with a love of joining up the dots, Isabel trained in fashion communications and honed her research skills with WGSN, ASOS and Tank magazine.

At Stylus, Estee Lauder and Unilever have drawn upon her ability to identify the insights that will define their business in the next decade. A native Portuguese speaker, Isabel is now busy learning Japanese.

Amelia Elsmore

Advisory Researcher Trainee

Amelia's research talents are driven by a deep-seated desire to spot innovators and innovations. With a BA in ancient history and art history, and an MA in Art Curation, she is trained to sift large quantities of research data for the crucial signs of change in public perspective and behaviour that highlight new opportunities and challenges for our clients.

Her career to date has included a spell with global advertising agencies such as M&C Saatchi, Havas, and work as a visual merchandising specialist for luxury department store Selfridges in London. 

At Stylus, she has worked on tailored research projects for a wide range of global brands, including major fast fashion, alcohol, healthcare, automotive, technology and homeware brands, and says that 'helping clients make unexpected connections with their consumers' is one of her favourite achievements.

Rachel Wall


Rachel brings a powerful combination of service industry experience, natural curiosity and professional investigative skills to her role as a researcher at Stylus, enabling her to identify and illustrate the human stories that drive our trends.

Originally trained as a journalist on the prestigious MA course at City University, London, she honed her interrogatory skills as a freelance trend writer and investigator. Roles in hospitality and teaching children with special educational enable her to bring new and refreshing perspectives to her conceptual trends thinking.

Working with a wide array of our global clients, including major retail, hospitality, technology, and homeware brands, Rachel loves to dig out original trend insights that she knows will have meaningful impact for a brand's customers, and for its bottom line.

Rebekah Harding

Advisory Researcher Trainee

Rebekah's approach to tailored trend research is driven by a desire to help Stylus clients to make positive change in their business despite our turbulent times. Pinpointing the most exciting and unexpected shifts in consumer behaviour is what she finds most fulfilling about her role.

With a long-standing fascination with trends and their impacts on consumers and businesses, Rebekah decided to pursue a career in trend research while investigating post-Covid consumer behaviours for her MA in fashion promotion at Birmingham City University. 

Work roles and freelance projects in consumer research, automotive concept design, and Femtech honed her ability to identify which product and service innovations that will be most influential and important for future business growth.

How we’ve helped


Future in-store experience

Our thinking around consumer expectations helped create a blueprint for how the next generation of retail cafes should work, look and feel.


New motivation for moving

We informed long-term strategic thinking by examining how tech-savvy future customers will move around the Smart Cities of the future.


The future of fitness

We revealed how to capitalise on the most important fitness trends to win Gen Z hearts, minds and spend looking ahead to 2025.


The Gen Z opportunity

Discover how a US banking brand used our bespoke research to inform its approach to connecting with its next key demographic: Gen Z.


Beyond beer

We helped create a new product development strategy by providing deep understanding of shifting trends around drink purchase and consumption.


Tomorrow’s flagship store

Our research shaped the strategic planning and positioning of new flagship stores in a leading womenswear brand’s prospective markets.

Through Stylus Advisory we unearthed opportunities and built visions of the future that will positively impact the business, and wider industry, for decades to come. Working with the very talented Antonia Ward was always a pleasure and helped my team take the creative leaps needed in order to excel.

Nik Lusardi – Head of Customer Experience, HS2 Ltd


What does Stylus offer that makes you different from other advisory services?

Two interlinked elements of our Advisory service set us powerfully apart. Our unique blending of in-house expertise, tailored research and global expert insights allow us to forecast future opportunities for our clients with confidence and accuracy. Our long experience in cross-industry analysis delivers evidence of emerging consumer behaviours and corresponding examples of brand innovation, both globally and in key markets. Combined, these two elements lift our clients out of their silos with a truly holistic understanding of what new ways of living, working and playing will mean for their most pressing future opportunities or challenges.

How long does an Advisory project take to deliver?

Our bespoke research projects take around six to eight weeks from client sign off to the presentation of final research insights and implications by one of our strategists. This timeline includes touchpoints with our client teams to ensure we are collaborating and aligned on research directions and the most effective delivery of our insights.

What are the formats for an Advisory project delivery?

Most frequently, our projects are delivered as a visually rich Keynote slide deck, capturing the key research insights and data, and presented by an Advisory strategist, in person or via webinar. In addition, we create facilitated workshops to allow clients to begin considering product, service and engagement responses to trends, and trend safaris in some of the world’s most innovative cities. For clients who require an ongoing stream of consumer lifestyle insights, we create year-long programmes that deliver bespoke combinations of reports, workshops, newsletters and webinars at agreed points in their annual calendar.

How can an Advisory project practically support my future business planning?

Our research projects explore and explain trends from a wide variety of angles and perspectives to inform a client’s plans for a specific business opportunity. Our macro-trend projects spell out clear and actionable implications for clients preparing product, service and engagement responses over short, medium and long-term timelines. Our specialist Colour & Materials forecasts allow client product development teams to begin visioning future look and feel. Our persona projects identify and define the future lifestyle behaviours of existing and emerging target audiences and demonstrate how to profitably harness them.

Do you operate globally?

Yes. Stylus is a global company. Our trends take a global perspective and draw upon evidence and examples from around the world. We have networks of researchers and experts on every continent overseen by highly experienced strategists, working out of London, New York, Seoul, Tokyo, Sao Paulo and Melbourne, who are uniquely skilled at translating examples, evidence and data into tailored actionable insights. This allies a world-wide perspective with an ability to deep dive upon request into a specific market.

How do clients put your insights into action?

The way in which our clients use Advisory insights is almost as individual as the projects that we build for them. For some, our research offers a deep understanding of new consumer needs and aspirations to inform their next product and service development strategy. For others, an Advisory project is the key to exploring how, where, when and why to talk to new or existing target audiences as they build a fresh marketing & comms campaign. Our robust, evidence-based trends intelligence empowers many clients to embed trend-based strategic planning with internal and external stakeholders by confidently articulating how and why the latest consumer lifestyle shifts are so crucial to the future of their business.

How consumer-centric are Advisory projects?

We always put changing consumer lifestyles at the heart of an Advisory project. Identifying and explaining shifts in the ways in which consumers are living, working and playing allows us to confidently highlight the innovations and innovators who are already addressing the product, service and engagement needs of tomorrow. By supporting our clients to ground their future strategic thinking in what their customers will want next, rather than what they want today, our projects are seen by them as vital tools for future-proofing their business against the accelerating pace of change.

Do clients buy more than one Advisory project?

Many of our clients, including household-name major global brands, regard Stylus Advisory as a long-term trends intelligence partner and ask us to produce a series of bespoke research projects for them each year. For others, we are the engine room of their internal trend thinking, providing a steady stream of presentations, workshops, newsletters, and webinars to update, populate and socialise ongoing trends programmes for multiple teams. Feedback tells us that our ability to link consumer trends insights to clear business product, service and engagement implications is what clients of all levels of seniority value most, whether they commission a single project, or come back to us again and again.