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2021’s Fashion Trends 

Emily Gordon-Smith, Stylus’ director of Consumer Product spotlights the most innovative brands to watch in 2021. See how jewellery has been reinvented, sleepwear has been redefined and the way escapism has been recreated. 


Slow beauty is the new clean beauty

How have our beauty habits changed during the pandemic? Stylus' Advisory strategist Nia Pejsak speaks to Byrdie about finding a more mindful approach to rituals and buying less.


What’s the future of dating?

As lockdown starts to ease, how will the future of relationships change? Our senior editor of Consumer Attitdues & Technology Kate Johnson speaks to the Sunday Times Style about the pre-date trend.


Future of Fintech

How has the future of fintech evolved for eco conscious consumers? Estella Shardlow, Stylus’ acting senior editor of Consumer Attitudes & Technology, comments on how these digital products can help people live a more sustainable lifestyle.


Retail Trends for Success in 2021

In her latest article for Forbes, Stylus’ director of Brand Engagement Katie Baron, unveils the nine need-to-know tactics and innovations to help you hit the new year running – ranging from localism to XR apps.


Masked Beauty

Head of Stylus Advisory – Fashion, Beauty & APAC, Saisangeeth Daswani writes for Global Cosmetics Industry about how consumers are making way for new demands from wearing face masks and the emerging possibilities that lie ahead for brands. 


TikTok's Turbulence in Fashion

The future of TikTok is being called into question, but will luxury brands continue to work with them? Stylus’ Pop Culture editor Julia Errens weighs in on shifting brand engagement strategies and platform diversification.


The future of post-pandemic shopping 

Stylus' director of Consumer Product Emily Gordon-Smith explains how shopping habits will change with a focus on sustainability, and how people are learning to appreciate their things and cut back.


Trend forecasters predict a more trendless future

Stylus' director of Consumer Product Emily Gordon-Smith breaks down the current role of trends, pivoting client needs and the shifting fashion landscape as the future remains uncertain.


Healthcare is food’s next frontier

As being healthy continues to be a top concern for people, our director of Consumer Lifestyle Mandy Saven writes about the opportunity brands have to provide solutions that can be easily integrated via food.


When did reading books become so competitive?

Reading is becoming a marker of cultural affluence. Stylus' senior editor of Consumer Attitudes & Technology Kate Johnson talks about the importance of books and mindful pastimes in the digital age.


The era of buying clothes with avatars

With the future of fashion continuously shifting, in a series from Vogue Japan, Stylus' director of Brand Engagement Katie Baron gives the lowdown on digital wardrobes and innovations in technology.

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